The market of the FoodTech

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3 min readSep 12, 2020


The FoodTech’s market is quite wide, there’re 6 big “slices” with their “under-slices”:
Delivery →Restaurant delivery, Marketplaces & Mealkits
Foodscience → Future Food, Drink & Beverage
AgTech → Robots & Drones
Foodservice →Reservation platforms & Foodservice management

For today we are going to cover the AgTech.

AgTech represents the application of technology — especially software and hardware technology — to the field (pun intended) of farming. AgTech is an industry that encompasses diverse solutions to almost every step in the food
production process. I think of AgTech innovation in terms of three classes that I “Tech Assisted Farming,” “New Farming,” and “Revolutionary Farming.”
Tech Assisted Farming is the application of current technology to aid current farming techniques. Examples are:

  • Water Management: Systems designed to maximize plant yield through efficient watering (e.g., Hortau)
  • Plant / Soil Analytics: Services to analyze soil quality and plant health (e.g., Trace Genomics )
  • Sensors: IoT devices to measure the health and growth of plants (e.g., Phytech)
  • Advanced Machinery: Drones to monitor crops, robots to pick them (e.g., FarmBot)
  • Predictive Analytics: Weather forecasting and other big data tasks applied to agricultural settings
    (e.g., aWhere)
  • Grocery Supply Chain Management: Food quality/safety tracking (e.g., Park City Group)

the Unicorn Startup of this slice is Indigo.

Indigo Agriculture is furthering its mission of harnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet by developing natural microbiology and digital technologies to improve grower profitability, environmental sustainability, and consumer health. Their systems approach creates new value from soil to sale, benefiting tens of thousands of growers across millions of acres. Indigo is headquartered in Boston, MA, with additional offices in Memphis, TN; Research Triangle Park, NC; Buenos Aires, Argentina; São
Paulo, Brazil; and Switzerland. Indigo Marketplace is a digital platform that directly connects buyers and growers, helping growers earn more for high-quality, sustainably-grown grain and allowing buyers to purchase grain outside of their typical draw areas and access crops that meet unique specifications.

Indigo Transport is a technology-enabled platform that connects carriers to a network of growers and dry bulk commodity shippers across the U.S. to move grain more efficiently. Indigo Carbon allows growers to earn additional income for increasing the carbon content of their soil and reducing overall on-farm emissions. Indigo Carbon underpins The Terraton Initiative, a global effort to remove carbon dioxide in agricultural soils. Indigo Acres is a comprehensive package of agronomic tools and services to support growers transitioning to regenerative farming practices, which help improve the profitability of U.S. farmers and a farm’s resilience to extreme weather.

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