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The Transportation industry has transformed over the years with the rise of alternative forms of transportation (e.g. scooters and bikes), on-demand ride-hailing services, autonomous and electric vehicles, and numerous other innovations. As the data shows, a substantial amount of capital has been invested in the industry over the last five years.

Total number of deals: 11,940

Total invested: $237.9 billion

Of the five industries highlighted in this report, transportation has raised the most capital, averaging 23.43 percent year-over-year growth until a dip occurred in 2019. The industry also had the second-highest number of investments made. Despite the 2019 dip, investors continued to invest in companies reimagining transportation in an increasingly digital world. Companies like Ola based in India, Grab based in Singapore, and Faraday Future based in the U.S. The types of companies investors placed bets on was a mixed bag. However, a large number of them focus on building electric vehicles, creating on-demand services, and developing logistics and management platforms.

There are several notable trends that are driving growth in the transportation industry. These include growing concern around climate change, demand for alternative forms of transportation, and using technology to change how roads are used and managed to combat traffic. Transportation — land, sea, and air — is rooted in the very fabric of society. With populations growing and more goods being shipped around the world, this industry has a lot of upsides.

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