The first of the five emerging industries to put on your radar

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2 min readSep 3, 2020


Thanks to the Crunchbase’s Industry Forecast Report it has identified the top 5 most interesting industries. they are:




Food and Beverage


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As the world moves toward optimizing for efficiency and accuracy through automation, robotics technology has become valuable for industries like health care, transportation, and agriculture. From autonomous commercial lawn mowers to robots that move products around a warehouse, the robotics industry is in a position to see significant growth in the coming years.

Total number of deals: 2,988

Total invested: $34.8 billion

Robotics is still in its infancy as an industry. However, with it having a variety of use cases and real-world impact, investors are betting there will be sustainable growth as the technology continues to be developed.

Digging into the numbers, a significant jump in total funding with an increase in total deals happened in 2018 — a 164 percent increase from the previous year. The question is: What happened in 2018? While it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for the spike, there were several events during this time that can shed some light, including:

• Waymo launching its self-driving car service;

• An increase in demand for warehouse robots;

• Boston Dynamics released footage of its robot doing back-flips, jogging, and other human-like activities; and

• Sales for industrial robots soared.

After 2018, total funding and deals did decrease. However, the number of deals was higher than average indicating continued interest from investors. The overall trend in funding that’s taking shape, albeit incrementally, is upward and to the right.

While total funding saw a dip in 2019, all signs point to the robotics industry continues to grow as more use cases for the technology are explored and companies perfect development. The trend toward automation continues to be a driving force behind the industry’s growth, impacting industries like manufacturing, health care, agriculture, and automotive. Robotics is a disruptive technology with numerous use cases. As investors continue to pour money into the industry and innovative startups enter it, an opportunity will open for companies in a position to make acquisitions or seek strategic partnerships in an effort to gain a competitive advantage.

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