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3 min readNov 6, 2020

When we define the word ‘success’ in relation to business, it is seemingly tempting to gravitate towards assessing the term through a comparison of financial indicators. We all know that numbers are important. However, when wanting to break down the ever-present and elusive questions like ‘What is the key to success? How can success be attained?’- It is essential to consider the fundamental human factors which pave the way for one being in a position to achieve something exceptional.

Ida Tin is a Danish entrepreneur, who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clue- a menstrual cycle tracking app helping over 12 million users across over 190 countries better understand their bodies. However, her journey did not begin as you may have anticipated. Once having completed high school, Ida had planned to obtain a degree in art. Upon arrival for her university interview, it was then understood that she had accidentally applied to a business management course. It was from this unexpected experience in which she realised her entrepreneurial drive. Ida officially enrolled in business school and embarked on her first venture at the age of 18. Today, Tin is known for notably coining the term ‘Femtech’, now used to describe technology relating to women’s health. According to research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, the market value of Femtech has the potential to reach $9.4 billion by 2024.

In an interview with WeAreTechWomen, Ida gave insight into the factors in which she believed most contributed to her success. “ When we started, I was surrounded by dedicated and passionate co-founders who believed in Clue as much as I do. Since then, we have grown an incredibly strong and supporting team, including our investors, all of whom share the same vision”. This humble response indicates a primary emphasis on the cultural factors that are related to owning and managing a business. Tin believes that with the support of a body of passionate individuals, her team has been in a position to harness their connections in order to collaborate and to subsequently excel.

When providing tangible advice as to how one may follow in her footsteps, she continues with “to never hesitate in seeking advice” and that “By supporting one another in our (their) pursuits, tech entrepreneurs will continue to develop and grow in whichever industry they choose.” It is clear to recognise that a sense of community is a significant attribute in which Tin believes can lead to inspired and prosperous outcomes.

As well as being mindful during external interactions, Tin has elaborated on the importance of self-reflection. She has revealed that there has been a “clear correlation between my (her) personal growth and that of the company”. From Ida, may we learn that to become a success, it is vital to foster strong relationships with ourselves, as well as those in which we choose to surround ourselves with when starting out. The accumulation of our interactions helps to build the foundations upon which creativity and innovation may be harvested.

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