5 Fintech Startup to watch based in Texas

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Amherst InsightLabs is a data- and analytics-focused financial services company helping clients mitigate risk in the real estate industry. Through a proprietary predictive analytics platform, Amherst allows users access to data with context. Overall, Amherst introduces transparency and helps clients see around the corners, spotting opportunities, and risks as they emerge.

Juniper Square operates an investment management platform for commercial real estate. The firm’s core product portfolio consists of integrated data rooms, lead management, and subscription technology, as well as a CRM and workflow automation tool. Together, Juniper’s tools for fundraising, investment administration, and investor reporting, streamline operations, boosts fundraising productivity, and improves investor satisfaction.

Q2ebanking designs mobile, virtual, and voice banking applications for financial services institutions. The firm’s comprehensive electronic banking platform allows institutions and their users the ability to securely communicate and transact. Simply put, Q2 is a mission-driven company focused on helping financial institutions strengthen their communities.

Buzz Points helps financial services companies reward and engage customers. With a core focus loyalty and customer support, Buzz Points offers a sophisticated product set of dashboards, data analytics, and marketing tools that help financial institutions, merchants, and consumers make the best use of their money.

Kestra Financial is a provider of independent advisory tools. Built for the new era of financial advising, Kestra allows professionals access to business management technologies and personalized consulting services that help scale advising efficiency and client growth. With a core focus on strategy, management, and growth, Kestra helps financial professionals better achieve their goals.

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