4 Dutch Startups in Fintech to watch

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The Netherlands is catching the eyes of investors as the country is home to numerous accelerators hosting interesting programs targeted at startups. The Dutch tech startup ecosystem is driven by expertise and technical knowledge from experts and early-stage funding. In the Netherlands, there are tech startup hubs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Collectively, the Netherlands has is in fourth place in Europe with €44 billion in terms of value, which is mostly led by Adyen.

Here’s some of them:

Vive — Make your Financial Goals Come True

VIVE is a smart goal-driven investment app, that helps you realize your financial goals. Invest for a trip, tuition for your children, a supplement to your pension plan or just for capital accumulation.
Website: https://www.viveapp.com/

What problem they solve: The application helps people reach their financial goals or improve their financial situation regardless of their background, understanding of financial services, income, or lifestyle. They can achieve whatever they have in mind: be it a house, a computer or simply saving money.

How it works: Just download the app from the Google App or Google Play Store. Then, complete the onboarding process: provide your first name, your email address and answer a few questions about your financial situation. After you have answered, the app takes this information into consideration and defines how much money you may contribute each month.

BridgeFund: Automated Where Possible — Humane When Necessary

BridgeFund is a financial platform that helps entrepreneurs realize their growth ambitions by providing loans in a simple, fast, and flexible way.
Website: https://www.bridgefund.nl/

What problem they solve: Nowadays, Banking systems have become too hesitant and slow when it comes to offering loans. Even after dozens of questions, paperwork and a lot of hassle, you have to wait on average 6 weeks for their decision. Business opportunities and growth ambitions can be lost during that time. Fortunately, BridgeFund helps you arrange your own business loan independently within just 5 minutes without the intervention of a bank. You can quickly get working capital for purchasing machines, inventory, stocks, or bridging debtors. It is also possible to borrow money for growth and expansion expenditures — these include opening a new office/branch, running a marketing campaign, or launching a new website. It has never been easier to invest in the growth of your company and take it to the next level.

How it works: You can apply entirely online and the same working day you’ll find out whether you are eligible for a business loan or not, and if approved — what your lending ceiling is. Repayment is charged automatically on a daily basis. Paying each day a bit releases you from accumulating a greater refund per month.
As soon as the debit authorization from your bank is received, you get the money and can get back to your business.

CreditClick — Digital Gateway Between You And The E-Commerce World

CreditClick is a new responsible payment method for your online purchases. It aims to help you enjoy online shopping, allowing you to pay installments.
Website: https://www.creditclick.eu/en/

What problem they solve: Maybe you don’t have enough money to pay a single sum or you found something with a large discount, but are currently unable to handle the expense. Instead of struggling to save money to pay immediately, CreditClick gives you the chance to split the price into several parts and to let you pay over the next few months.

How it works: You have to choose “CreditClick” as a payment method during the checkout procedure. Complete the registration form to become a new CreditClick client and be approved by the credit supplier. After you have signed a digital agreement, you can use the loan to pay for your purchase. The whole process does not exceed 5 minutes if you have all of the necessary information at hand.

Tikkie — Makes Paying Super Simple

Tikkie is a payment app that allows consumers to send payment requests via WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook Messenger, e-mail or any other social media. This app lets you pay super fast, without having to fill in an entire list of data.
Website: https://www.tikkie.me/

What problem they solve: You want to transfer money quickly to a friend, but have lost their account number? Or your customers forget to pay your invoices? With Tikkie, payments that first made you wait for weeks can be now paid immediately. It is reported that 80% of requests sent are paid within 1 minute.

How it works: You send your customers, friends, family, or acquaintances a link with a payment request via messenger, email or any other social media. This link is the message that your customers can use to pay directly. Additionally, Tikkie keeps track of who has and has not paid.

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