4 Dutch Startups in FoodTech to watch

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3 min readOct 9, 2020


The Netherlands is catching the eyes of investors as the country is home to numerous accelerators hosting interesting programs targeted at startups. The Dutch tech startup ecosystem is driven by expertise and technical knowledge from experts and early-stage funding. In the Netherlands, there are tech startup hubs in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Delft, Utrecht, and Eindhoven. Collectively, the Netherlands has is in fourth place in Europe with €44 billion in terms of value, which is mostly led by Adyen.

but besides of Adyen, there’re interesting FoodTech companies in the Netherlands, here are some of them:


Agriplace is a global platform for agricultural compliance. The company aims to make the food chain transparent and sustainable by enabling data and technology accessible for farm compliance. Its platform makes it easier for suppliers, processors, retailers, and producers to keep up with the regulations and get done with paperwork in a more efficient manner. founded by Nico Broersen. They raised 2.5M euros

Almacena Platform

The Dutch Agtech startup Almacena Platform is taking down structural batteries for producers. It does so by mitigating supply chain risks to allow producers to directly reach the end buyers. This makes trading as a service possible, profitable, and sustainable. The startup uses cloud technology, NFC, and Blockchain to create digital IDs of the coffees, immutable data records of the producers, and the provenance and route of the coffees in full transparency to all supply chain players. Founded by Dimo Yanchev, Vasil Dimov. They raised 130K euros


Connecterra’s mission is to enable sustainable agricultural practices and it does so by training Artificial Intelligence in farming. The AI is used to empower farmers of all sizes and increase the productivity of their farm while reducing the notable impact animal agriculture has on our planet. Founded by Saad Ansari, Yasir Khokhar. They raised 18M euros


Offering a central portal for every stakeholder in the agricultural sector, 30MHz is a SaaS platform that enables growers, advisors, distributors, and researchers to gain full insight into the climatic conditions of horticultural and agricultural produce. The company’s data platform receives and analyses information from all kinds of data sources, enabling users to continuously improve the production process of crops, plants, seeds, and bulbs.​ founded by Flavia Paganelli, Jurg van Vliet, Fleur van Vliet. They raised 4.9M euros

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